In the information age, one can be forgiven for diluted critical thinking; the abundance of data makes it increasingly challenging for people to understand and trust what they consume; in addition to this information overload impairs one’s ability to make effective decisions.

Cryptolytx was launched in response to the emerging gap in critical thinking on topics related to the digital economy. Our platform is all about media and content – curated to provide key insights to enable critical thinking and effective decision making.

What is Cryptoyltx?

Cryptolytx is a media streaming platform that curates content focussed on topics related to the Digital Economy.  The platform is accessible through subscription which can be paid monthly or annually – you are always in control and can cancel at anytime.

Why is Cryptolytx so important for me?

If you operate within the finance & Legal verticals: (Banking, Financial Institutions, Investment, Wealth Management, Accountancy, Tax Advising, Legal or Insurance) then this platform is a crucial asset. We take the pain out of processing through mountains of data and reporting; we achieve this by curating vertical specific content into insightful and easy to digest media so you can get the right information, at the right time, to enable critical thinking and effective decision making.

What is the Cryptolytx value proposition?

Cryptolytx offers its members several value propositions: 

  1. Time Saving: save hours and hours of researching, reading and onboarding – you get the key insights delivered right to your fingertips.
  2. Be informed – Be Educated: News is designed to inform you but content is always slanted in one direction, Cryptolytx provides impartial data which is researched and validated which means you go beyond just being informed.
  3. Save Money: monthly subscription fees cover the content creation; in comparison the fee you pay is a fraction to the costs (directly or indirectly) you incur when you purchase independent content or make an error in your decision making
  4. Be at the cutting edge of vertical insights: without doubt having access to curated content across all these verticals related to the Digital Economy, our members can remain in front of their competitors when it comes to insights, information and impact.

What can I achieve with the platform?

The platform offers a wide range of media: Digital Documentation, Video Series, Audio Experiences and Analysis tools; this gives our members a full suite of resources and tools to thrive in their respective verticals. The platform can be used to validate strategies, benchmark and measure outputs, learn more about Digital Assets and the Economy and become a knowledge transfer expert to their clients.

How does the platform work?

The platform is accessible 24/7 and requires a subscription ( check Get Started) once you have activated your membership you can access content in your chosen method (videos, digital documents, audio experiences or use our analysis tools) the platform is web based so you can use any device with internet connection to access.

What is Cryptolytx comparable to?

The best way to describe what Cryptolytx is comparable to is to explain how it performs, Cryptolytx is a blend of Netflix, Spotify and Bloomberg Terminal.


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